Company History

Abacus Money Management has a long history

of providing excellent service to clients

Successful growth of the business through strategic acquisition

  • 2009 – Copperfields Financial Management Ltd formed by Noel Greaves

  • 2008 – Abacus Money Management Ltd founded. Fully acquired by Noel in 2018

  • 2021 – Westcliff Financial Services acquired

  • 2021 – Stephen Atwell moved to Abacus to allow more time to spend with his clients

  • 2021 – NBL acquired by Noel & Van Greaves, operating as sister company

As our company has grown, we have taken the opportunity to develop relationships with other businesses where the Financial Adviser was nearing retirement.  One of the more challenging times for a loyal customer is when their trusted adviser decides to retire, and they need someone else to take over that role. By integrating their company with ours, we have taken care of that succession planning.

Our company has a mix of the experience required, training new advisers to take on the roles that will be needed to look after people for the next 20-30 years. During this time, lots of money will be passed on to the next generation and we feel well placed to assist with that journey.

For the Adviser who is approaching retirement, this acquisition has been key to their own financial planning. In an environment that sees increased costs and regulation, they have been able to allow Abacus to take some of the strain and allow the Adviser to focus on what they have always loved doing, which is working with their clients, until they feel ready to hand over the reins.